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Times change and all things that are successful must evolve in order to still be successful and in February we are now ready to promote our new site www.tantricbalimassage.com.  We like this new image and believe it will be a great success in 2017,  we think it is more classy and subtle than the escort service but clearly centers around themes that involve a massage service with extra benefits.  Our goal has always been a simple one, for you the customer to have a great fantastic time at a very affordable price.  In order to achieve this goal we must clearly understand what our customers want and the great news is we totally understand what our customers are looking for and will continue to deliver.  Enjoy our Bali experience.



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The month is at its eleventh hour but 2017 is a new year and Bali is in full swing.  Currently it is the middle of wet season so if you are after a holiday where you are wanting to soak up the hot sun while lounging on the beach or hotel pool then January is probably not the best month but there are many other things to do.  Drunk  Aussie Bogans can still get drunk in Kuta and if you are a bit more classy than that perhaps a more stylish bar in Seminyak or a more family orientated trip to Sanur or Jimberan.  There is something for everyone and if you are interested in meeting a Bali escort or companion you can do it classy and contact us or go to a cheap bar and risk getting you wallet stolen.  Have fun and be smart.



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It’s December, that means it is a very busy time in Bali.  It’s the Christmas and New Years period and people from all over the globe are coming down for a fun holiday.  The Island at this time is full of Javanese holes wanting to be stretch out by  Westerners while earning some coin.  Extra caution should be applied if you are getting around on a scooter as traffic at this time of the year is heavy and chaotic so remember safety first.    Also if you are wanting to experience some classy companionship it is very easy to send us a text message and we will advise promptly how to proceed with a booking.  We hope you enjoy the festive time and have a safe and joyous new year.



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Well it is November and that means schoolies in Bali, a time where a large amount of young people visit Bali to celebrate graduating from high school.   This is a time where young people must demonstrate some maturity and sensibility in order to be follow the law and not engage in illegal substance abuse.  In Bali and in Indonesia the law is very strict and all the locals want is for visitors including schoolies to behave and not engage in substance abuse.  One young Australian has just been arrested on such a charge and hopefully he will be cleared of this charge.  Please make sure you watch your bags and backpacks and if anyone offers you illegal substances ignore them an walk away for your own safety and wellbeing.  If you are an adult and want to enjoy the more personal and intimate side of the Island then November is a great month.



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When it comes to visiting Bali, October is an ideal month for those who wish to have a more quiet style of holiday.  Mid year is often known to be hectic but the end of the year is the mad season where it is super busy but there exists a period between these two intervals where it is perfect for a quiet relaxing time.  Restaurants, flights in and out of Bali, shopping and off course beach life, it’s just more tranquil and relaxed.  For those looking to escape their day to day lives and visit a relaxing tropical island then this is the perfect moment.  If you have a partner and are looking for romance then October is for you, if you don’t have a partner we can help find a suitable companion.



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Usually September is a sunny month with mild humidity and low rainfall however according to the recent weather reports people are commenting that the wet season has come two months earlier than expected.  Humidity according to leading weather channels indicate that Bali for most of the month has been very humid and has experienced very high levels of rainfall.  September is typically not as busy as the previous two or three months but tourism is still strong and people are everywhere to be found.  Regardless of the occasional shower or tropical storm the beach or resort pool is still a great place to spend the day time hours and who knows maybe a bar or club in the evening with one of our Bali escorts.



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The weather in the month of August is simply perfect for holiday making.  It is what you would expect of a tropical paradise.  As a result tourism levels are high as you would expect.  It is a long way off from the wet season, you may get one rainy day in the middle of 10 to 15 hot sunny days but rain for the most is not expected.  Bali is always humid but even the humidity levels are much lower than you would expect this time of year for an Island located so close to the equator.  People on holiday take full advantage of the sunny conditions during August and most will head for the beach or the pool of their resort.  Enjoy the season but do remember to protect your skin, wear a hat and keep fully hydrated.  A fresh coconut is never far away to make a perfect cool drink.


JULY 2016

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It is a peak time in Bali and all tourist related businesses are working around the clock.  The beaches, the bars, the clubs are all at peak levels and there are lots of seedy, sleazy women working the tourist areas.  Why not enjoy a more classy service for a very reasonable fee.   We have many escorts available and they are professional and friendly companions.  July is a month that frequently experiences great sunny weather and Bali lives up to being a tropical paradise and holiday destination.  We are committed to delivering to our customers and ensuring your time is fun, pleasurably and fulfilling.


JUNE 2016

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Well it is the final day of the financial year and it is peak tourist season in Bali.  There is a noticeable variance between this fiscal year and the previous year, tourism has dropped off in major hotels and venues but is still abundant.  World Wide there has been a large amount of uncertainty and this has had a global impact on tourism but the month of June is a busy month and it is a great time to visit Bali is you like action and an up beat party atmosphere.  Talking about party, the Escorts we promote like to party and are more than happy to spend some time with you on the beach, in a club, bar or nice restaurant.  May the new financial year bring you wealth and opportunity.


MAY 2016

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Well May can only mean one thing.  The middle of the year is approaching and that means Bali will soon be very busy indeed.  The middle of the year sees a spike in tourism and unlike the very end or beginning of the year the middle of the year sees a sustained period of growth.  If you are planning to visit the Island please be organized and book your holiday and accommodation well in advance so that you get the best flight and hotel deals.  There are always specials but significant saving can be made for those who are organize and plan several months or at least several weeks ahead.  The weather is typically hot humid and sunny, great to get out and enjoy the sun and perhaps the beach as well.