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HIGH CLASS:  1.3mil 1hr   2mil 2hrs   or   4mil upto 15hrs


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Client donations are received in Indonesia Rupiah upon the companions arrival.  Money Received is for pleasant and friendly companionship and not sexual services. Anything that occurs beyond companionship is clearly not contracted for.   Companionship is defined as drinking, talking, socializing, eating and dancing in a public or private setting.

This agency acts like a marketing agency, we do our utmost to ensure the escort is ethical and provides you with pleasant company they are however not our employees and we are not liable to any practices that may be considered illegal . We are not accountable or liable for their conduct, behavior or dealings with yourself in a private setting but be assured we are very selective in who we promote and 99.9% of the time everyone has a happy and enjoyable time. Call us booking a escorts bali  has to offer is made easy.

Looking after our clients is what we do, we take pride in delivering a high quality service and are confident you will be happy with our service.  We operate in a very similar way to marketing agency with three acceptions.  We verify the escorts identity, ensure they are operating in a professional manner and provide outsourced call center services to manage bookings and general questions.

Any questions of a legal nature from an Individual, Government Body, Law Enforcement Agency, or Investigative Team can be directed to escortmanagementandlegals@gmail.com and one of our Legal Team will get back to you.