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HIGH CLASS: 1.3mil 1hr    2mil 2hrs  or 4mil upto 15hrs


Things to watch out for……….
The dating/social scene: Bali is a different island from anywhere else in Indonesia you are looking for a Bali escort. 99.9% of the girls hanging around in Kuta are from Java.  There are many avenues to meet people but not many classy ways. What you will find is many Java girls and guys have come to Bali to find money and a better lifestyle as it is a tourist Island and there are more opportunities.  Many people are however not genuine, some may plan to get a foreign boyfriend/girlfriend and fleece him/her every month for several hundred dollars IT’S A TRAP BE CAREFUL.  It’s not everyone, its a minority but it does happen.
Kuta is a big cheap and is for tourists on a budget.  Semenyak/Kerobokan are more up market.  Legian is located somewhere in between there areas geographically and price wise.  There is plenty to do and lots to see by day or by night.  If you are traveling by yourself and are wanting some good company with no hidden agenda and are shy to meet friends and have no time to waste on a dating sight give us a call.
When calling an Bali escort:
Just some things to be cautious of. If you book a high class girl and she does not speak English or speaks poor English you have been had. She is not a high girl she is working from a cheap massage parlor and you are being charged premium rates while she has had 10 customers they day you booked her charming less that 300000 rupia.
There are only a few good escorts on Bali and there are even less good agencies. An agency is not a cheap sleazy massage service on wheels that comes to your hotel or villa. It is a classy service and the person entertaining you have refined manners, speaks English, is great company, usually has or has had a modeling background and has not been sitting in a cheap massage parlor all day. In fact many of our ladies are professionals and have day jobs, some are even management level.  They are experts on where to eat, drink, hang out.
Don’t do anything stupid
Respect Bali, respect the people, the Customs the Law. We all want a pleasant holiday experience but avoid anything that has to do with drugs. Too many tourists are doing stupid things and getting entrapped buying drugs from pushers. It is not worth it.
Dont get completely drunk and ride a motor bike. It could result in serious harm/injury to yourself or someone else. It could be fatal. Too many people ruin their holiday spending their time in hospital instead of on the beach due to road accidents. Also if you are going to be brave and get on a bike wear a bike helmet.
Don’t do anything illegal. No one wants to get into a fight or get locked up and pay money and legal expenses to be released. Be smart and enjoy a pleasant holiday.